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Friday, December 02, 2005

Airline cell-phone ban

Since the safty problems with using cell-phones are long-past, the ban on their use should be lifted. Those who want the government-enforced ban to remain in place for non-safty concerns, because they claim some kind of "right" to a quiet flight, are being rather silly. First it is obvious no such "right" exists, if airlines don't choose to sell it, just as noone has a right to an airline flight that a company does not find economical to offer.

Second, the free-market would, of course, properly balance the interests of those who want to use cell-phones with those who don't want them used around them. Perhaps, by analogy to smoking, there would be cell-phone sections of flights, or cell-phone only flights. Different airlines might adopt different policies to properly fill the two market niches. Either way, it would be much better than the blunt instrument of a government ban laughably "justified" by safty concerns.

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