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Friday, November 04, 2005

welcome to the suck

I can't remember the last time negative reviews got me this excited about a movie:

"[S]tructurally chaotic and emotionally remote." - Frank Swietek

"Puzzlingly hollow." - Andrew Wright

"Beautiful tedium." - Rob Vaux

"Never comes close to expressing the insanity of war itself." - Nicholas Schager

"[A] cold film that only sporadically makes the kind of emotional connection it's after." - Kenneth Turan

"[L]ike a dead duck, covered in oil." - Bruce Newman

"[N]ever achieves a confident, consistent or sufficiently audacious tone." - Todd McCarthy

"[R]ife with ambivalence." - Kirk Honeycutt

"Jarhead is a movie that walks up to some of the most urgent and painful issues of our present circumstance, clears its throat loadly and says nothing." - A.O. Scott

Update: Pretty mediocre movie. And, as with most Hollywood war movies, the soldiers continuously prance around in a combat zone with no flak vests or kevlar helmets.

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