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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Order of Magnitude

Laura Ingraham made a strong argument on Hannity and Colmes tonight: that there is more at stake than just whether Miers is "reliably conservative." Specifically, there are future generations of law students to worry about.

I completely agree. Supreme Court Justices are not just for life, they are for ever. While Harriet Miers may sit on the court for 15-20 years, her opinions could be read for 150-200 years. If we want conservative jurisprudence to win the battle against liberal juristyrrany, it will take more than just giving Scalia another vote. Even the 'holy grail' -- a conservative majority on the Court -- will be for naught if the justices can't back it up with persuasive arguments and opinions. This is not just a war of outcomes, it is a war of ideas. The legal conservative canon will suffer if Miers is confirmed.

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