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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rules of Engagement

1. This is a group blog authored by Stanford Federalist Society Members. All actual members are welcome to contribute. Being an observer/participant on fed-discuss does not qualify. If you are bona-fide and would like to join, email me at worldclassfederalist@gmail.com.

2. You may choose whether to use your real name or a pseudonym.

3. If you don't contribute semi-regularly, your membership will be deleted, subject to your asking for it back.

4. For now, there are no restrictions on topics, though posts should be substantive. No one-line posts and no posts linking to articles, other blog posts, etc, without adding at least some substantive comments (even if you were the author).

5. Responses to someone's post should be made in comments, unless the response is quite substantive (rule of thumb: 100 words) and/or you are taking the conversation in a new direction. We do not need another fed-discuss.

6. For now, I am going to maintain sole and despotic dominion over the blog. I will try not to delete anything unless I feel like a rule has been violated

7. All questions and ideas welcome.

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